Planted once, and returning each year bigger and better. Perennials traditionally require less care, and some even thrive on neglect. Whether you have a sunny or shady spot in your garden we have the perennial to suit your needs.

There are perennial plants that can meet just about every landscaping need. They can range from low growing plants to tall growing plants, from those that produce colorful flowers to those that provide visual pleasure with glowing seed heads, such as those exhibited by some ornamental grasses. The perennial garden can contain plants that flower, plants with colorful leaves and foliage, and low growing ground covers for that especially shady spot.

Perennial plants generally have fewer major problems than annuals and are sustainable with lower care and maintenance needs. Blooming perennials tend to average about 3 weeks of bloom time so choosing plants with attractive structure, foliage and flowers will enhance your outdoor space for years to come.