Dirt on Plants


Annuals brighten up the yard or garden with instant color and capture attention with their beautiful flowers from spring through early fall.   Fun and easy to grow, they can be tucked into any spot in your yard or garden to add color and dimension. In most cases, annuals are planted in the spring or summer. 


Planted once, and returning each year bigger and better. Perennials traditionally require less care, and some even thrive on neglect. Whether you have a sunny or shady spot in your garden we have the perennial to suit your needs.


Hops are a variety of vine that can be grown on a fence, pole, or wall. The Hops plant is a vigorous climber and can provide quick cover and screening in just one season. The attractive, large maple-leaved foliage offers deep, welcome shade for those hot summer days.


There’s nothing quite like the mouthwatering taste of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fragrant herbs that were grown in your own garden. With varieties that thrive in outdoor environments, and others that will flourish indoors every garden can include edibles.

House Plants

Deep, lush and green. Creating a sense of peace and tranquility throughout your home. Foliage plants can be large or small and come in a wide variety of textures. Generally speaking foliage plants are non-flowering and their beauty lies in the rich color and texture of their leaves.

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